Sankarabharanam Review

మొదటిగా మనిషులు గురు సంగీతం సభ లో నుండి వెళ్తారు. ఆతరవాత అమ్మాయి గురు ఇంటి నుండి వెళ్తుంది. ఆమె ఆసుపత్రి కి వెళ్తుంది కాని ఆమె ఉండదు. ఆమె గర్భిణి అయింది ఇంక కొన్ని ఎందు వచ్చాయి వెళ్తాయి. ఆమె పెల్లవాడు ఒక అబ్బాయి. ఆమె ఆమె అబ్బాయి తో చిన్న ఇంటి లో ఉంటారు. ఓకే రోజు ఆమె అబ్బాయి (బాబు) గురు ఇంటి కి వెళ్తాడు. అబ్బాయి పిచిగా పాడాడు ఇంక నాట్యం చేసాడు ఇంక గురు అతడుని కొట్టారు. డాబు గురు ఇంటికి తిరగి వెళ్తాడు. గురు అతన్ని వింటారు. ఇంక గురుకు అతడు ఇష్టం. ఆతరవాత వారు కలసి ఈతుకుంటారు. వారు స్నేహుతులు అపుతారు.

ఈ క్లిపు లో శాస్త్రి ఇంక చిన్న అబ్బాయి మాట్లాడుతారు. అబ్బాయి గురు కి ప్రశ్నలు అడగుతాడు. ఆతరవాత వారు పాడుతారు ఇంక గురు అబ్బాయికు సంగీతం నేర్పించుతారు. గురు కూతురు గది లో వస్తుంది ఇంక వాళ్ళ పాటని వింటుంది. ఆతరవాత సీను లో ఈ అమ్మాయి మెట్టు మీద వెళ్తుంది. ఒక మొగవాడు ఆమెని చూస్తారు. ఆయనకు ఆమె చాల ఇష్టం. ఐతే ఆయన ఆయన అమ్మకప్పు పడేస్తాడు.  ఆయన ఇది తీసుకుంటాడు ఇంక వారు కలుసుకుంటారు.
One day as I was browsing for Telugu youtube clips to listen to, I clicked on a clip of an old movie. I started listening to the music in the movie which I thought was really haunting — very classical South Indian music. I didn’t know anything about it, and I couldn’t tell you why I was struck by it, but I e-mailed one of my teachers about it, and she encouraged me to start watching the whole movie. I am trying to watch a clip a night and write a description of what I saw. The scenes above are taken from the middle of the movie. They are pretty basic descriptions of what the characters do, since my Telugu isn’t quite sufficient to do an actual movie review. Hopefully down the line…
That said I highly recommend Sankarabharanam, especially for beginning Telugu students. The language is clear and straight forward, the music is beautiful, and the story line is very interesting. In a nutshell from what I understand, the movie is about this beautiful girl who is an amazing singer-dancer, but is the daughter of a temple-dancer-turned-prostitute. In the beginning of the movie her mother sells her to some guy and she is raped (later we find out she is pregnant by this guy). She then runs away to a famous musician’s house to learn music from him, but everyone in the house and community is suspicious of her because of her background. She leaves one day because she is pregnant and many years pass. Modern music has become popular and the guru mostly stays in his house all day and practices his ‘sangeetam’ or music. One day her son goes to the guru’s house, the guru is impressed by his musical ability, and he becomes the guru’s student. Anyway, that’s the part at which I stopped. I will talk more about the rest of the plot later, but it is definitely one of the best Telugu movies I could find. I wish I could understand more of the dialogue!


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3 responses to “Sankarabharanam Review

  1. loving this film will definitely endear you to all the Telugus as well as Tamils and Kannadigas, it was huge success across board and won the National Award too if I remember right. This film is a wonderful mix of art, culture, social activism and beautiful language told through powerful music and classic filming. So local yet so universal. You have great taste! Meeru oka Rasika!

  2. Hi there! I found your blog via one of your instructors who reads my blog – that’s a suitably filmi style convoluted introduction 🙂 I watch a lot of Telugu films but have not made any proper effort to learn the language (despite lots of encouragement on Twitter and via the blog). I am very impressed with your efforts to date. I have the DVD of Shankarbharanam but haven’t watched it yetyet. Based on what you have written, I think you would like Rudraveena – ist stars Chiranjeevi ( I love him) and is on the themes of art, culture, change and family tensions. I saw it without subtitles and loved it so I think you would get lots more out of it. Cheers 🙂 Temple

    • I am glad a fellow cinemaphile checked out the blog! My instructor told me about your blog; chaalaa interesting that you enjoy Telugu cinema so much. Do you prefer it to Bollywood? I haven’t seen many movies yet, so I want to see more. I will check out Rudraveena based on your recommendation. As for learning the language, it is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! It is my full time job at the moment which is great, but studying it in one’s free time would be a challenge… However, since you watch so many movies, you probably would have a much easier time with it. Thanks again, and let me know if you think of any other films.

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