Sree Gananatha

I am being… ‘encouraged’ to sing a song with one of my instructors at our upcoming Deepavali-Eid party at FSI (the Foreign Service Institute, where I take my Telugu classes). My instructor and I have gone outside to practice the song a few times in the past week, and I can only imagine what people think as they walk by and hear me trying to sing classical Indian music. The good thing about FSI is there are so many instructors from so many different places, pretty much anything goes. I hear more languages in the hallways than I though ever existed, so seeing two people singing Indian music outside on a bench is par for the course. At FSI all of the different language sections generally have their own hallways and kitchens, so you walk into one kitchen and everyone’s speaking Arabic, you walk down another hallway to a chorus of ‘bonjours,’ and then you hear bits of languages like Swedish or Thai, and you think ‘where am I?’ I don’t think the UN could boast as many languages as are floating around FSI on any given day.

Anyway, before I got off track any further, here’s a video featuring the song we are singing (though this version is pretty fast).

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