Talking Telugu about Globalization

Here is a video from last week in which I talk about the good (Arab Spring) and bad (more religious extremism) to come from a more globalized world. Are 24-hour news channels and constant contact really making us a more unified people or are we becoming more entrenched in our own cultures, religions, and languages for fear that they could easily slip away?


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3 responses to “Talking Telugu about Globalization

  1. cynthia adams

    I only understand “Hyderabad”, but it was nice to see you!

  2. cynthia adams

    Oh,I replied too soon. I also heard America, Roe v. Wade, Pakistan, and Rick Santorum! I don’t even like writing his name. I like the maps in the background. Though I don’t understand what you are saying, It sounds great to me!! Keep up the good work!

  3. I am more impressed each time I see you!! Keep up the great work!

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