I am an American preparing for a two-year assignment in Hyderabad, India. Before I leave in July, I have seven months of intensive Telugu training. That means that for eight-ish hours every day, I speak, read, and hear Telugu, Telugu, and Telugu. This blog is  a compilation of some of my activities inside and outside of the classroom, as well as some of my insights into language learning. To anyone who reads the Telugu part of my blog, pardon my mistakes. I am still a vidyarthi, but I am trying! Hope you enjoy the blog.


**This blog in no ways reflects the policies of the US government, but are merely my own thoughts or musings about global, linguistic, and sometimes silly topics!**

7 responses to “About

  1. Indu M. Konduri

    Chaala chaala baaga raasaru.

    I doubt if I can learn any langauge this well and dligently at this stage. Very nice and interesting commentary and stories too. I guess this is popularly knows as a BLOG. Very well done. I never attempted write in telugu using all these tools to do so. Please tell your teacher: ‘Kavita you must be a great teacher.’

    • Thanks for writing! This is what is known as a blog – never thought I would really have one, but I am glad to have started it. It really helps with the language. I will let Kavita know that she is a GREAT teacher!

  2. Janice Young

    Hi Courtney!! I am a friend of your moms. Perhaps you may remember meeting me once or twice in your lifetime…but no worries if you don’t. ; )
    Your mom told me about your wonderful adventure, and as a former German teacher, avid traveler and the mom of a 19 year old daughter, I asked her to share your link with me!

    • Thanks, Janice! It’s so nice hearing from you – I do, of course, remember meeting you many times (I think the last time might have been at Sears :)) Sorry you can’t read the blog, but I hope you enjoy the English section. Also, come to India some time. I’ll be there for two years. Bring your daughter!

  3. Courtney – this is awesome. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with me. It’s giving me some great ideas on things to help me learn in my class. Quick question for you though: how do you do the conjunct consonants in Telugu? I have the font on my Mac, but I can’t do the conjuncts and it’s super frustrating.

    • You’re welcome and glad it’s helpful! I used Google transliteration to do the blog posts: http://www.google.com/inputtools/try/. I just took a look at it again and it looks like it’s an even better version than it was before. Basically you just write the word as it sounds in English and it usually shows up correctly in Telugu. As you’re typing it also shows options in case the first spelling is wrong. I found this to be the easiest for me, but at the time I don’t think I experimented with a Telugu keyboard feature on my Mac. Maybe it wasn’t even available then.

      Hope this helps!


      • Oh, that’s great! Vasantha gaaru just told me how she does conjuncts so hopefully that works, but I will definitely try the google input out too! Much faster! -Ashley

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